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Hubbell Brands

indirect/direct linear architectural, fluorescent, and LED systems

period style fixtures & poles, contemporary site lighting, concrete bollards, custom fixtures & poles, led

decorative and contemporary led site lighting


economical emergency lighting

outdoor, building mount, decorative flood bollard step and garden lighting

complete line of quality emergency lighting

network controls, occupancy sensors, daylighting controls

full line warehouse, complex mass merchandiser, process industrial lighting

Flood, security, landscape, roadway, basic outdoor lighting

architectural street, area, flood, parking garage, landscape lighting, led

high performance recessed and surface down lighting

architectural linear fluorescent lighting systems that provide performance & innovation

recessed down lights/surface/light track fixtures in incandescent, low voltage, fluorescent LED & hid light sources for architectural/residential applications

architectural site lighting, high performance floods

turnkey sports field and arena lighting systems. flood lighting, pre-aimed, lowering system, portable.

precision floodlighting systems architectural site lighting systems/ambient task lighting/custom lighting fixtures

Independent Brands

Linear integrated LED interior lighting architectural

Breath of LED, Linear, Static, RGB, Flood Lighting

architectural crafted pendants and sconces

Induction & LED Lighting Solutions

establishing its reputation as an innovative market leader in the area of durable, aesthetic, high performance and energy efficient luminaires since 1932

modular wiring systems for fluorescent and hid fixtures; power, voice  & data

steel lighting standards

spun cast decorative concrete poles

other (decorative concrete bases)

emergency lighting

european flourescents

custom and standard drum, pendant made of washable fabric

industrial and full line emergency lighting

architectural, visual axis,  reflex, compact & linear fluorescent cove lighting, incandescent low voltage, wall sconces, marquee

linear fluorescent & LED (industrial & decorative) Pendant fixtures

division of estiluz – contemporary european light fixtures

For performance, decorative and architectural lighting.

european landscape lighting. More than landscape lighting.

Architectural Products (Wooden Poles)

Creative, Decorative Linear Solutions

custom decorative

High performance and decorative lighting coupled with a complete, convertible lighting system.

low voltage lighting systems for accent, art, display using cable, rail, and track. recessed down lighting and sconces.

custom decorative lighting, steplights, downlights, lightrail, and darkroom lights

soft industrial wall and pendant specialty lighting

indoor european decorative

Soft Industrial, Pendant, Linear and Recessed lighting

a Belgian family business – design and manufacture architectural lighting

German Crafted LED Lamps

led industrial & flat panel fixtures

Digital Signal Power Manufacturer

Full line Indoor outdoor MFRO

Led, Cove, Accent, Wall Wash and flood lighting.

indoor european decorative

high performance asymmetric interior & exterior lighting

low glare indirect lighting, wall washing, exterior  walkway

unique linear, sconce, and pendant lighting for dramatic effect (european design – made in usa)


very fine european accent, wall washing, indoor and outdoor full line

contemporary european style halogen light fixtures (spanish designs)

unique Canadian decorative families of lighting. recessed, projectors, wall sconces, pendants, table lamps and tracks.

european lighting design fixtures – division of belfer group

Small under cabinet, Cove LED lighting

industrial, site

Provides quality architectural lighting products and personal service to our clients through project completion. Designs and manufactures fine specification grade lighting in America since 1908

Offering a comprehensive catalogue of outdoor, indoor and underwater LED lighting fixtures

Quality Aluminum, Steel, & Decorative poles.

unconventional, contemporary, site & wall lighting (german design)

rlm decorative pendant, wall sconces, large offering

Residential Decorative full line manufacturer

landscape lighting

architectural dimming systems, wallbox dimmers

indoor european decorative

plexi-neon for a full range of applications, interior and exterior accent lighting, led color changing fixtures

high performance soft industrial decorative pendants

Manufacturer of decorative, commercial grade lighting products. With an emphasis on wall mounted products

lighting for high abuse areas, security detention, medical, sealed enclosures, and parking structures

Decorative, Efficient Indoor/Outdoor Lighting

Unique Indoor/Outdoor Lighting solutions from Barcelona, Spain

high efficiency low voltage lighting, cove, perimeter, tube lighting

Architectural linear full line manufacturer

theatrical and architectural dimming systems and controls

architectural/contemporary recessed, wall, ceiling and pendant fixtures including leucos, itre, luxit, and fdv collection brands

LED lighting, specializing in trimness fixtures and environmentally green material.

Full Line emergency lighting manufacturer

tube light, streetscape, wallpack, parking garage

Manufacturer of world-class, high efficiency, top quality outdoor lighting products

point source/linear lighting systems & pre-set dimming systems. museum quality 60 amp track systems

specification grade fluorescent and LED luminaires for retrofits, renovations, and new construction lighting projects.


traditional & contemporary church lighting, contemporary decorative bowls & sconces

Quality crafted, German design

led indoor  & outdoor fixtures, decorative fluorescent glass pendants. wall sconces, low voltage rail cable, pendant systems.

steel & aluminum poles

lighting controls, low voltage switching & energy management systems

linear seamless t6 fluorescent for continuous illumination

Unique lighting solutions for retail, commercial, and industrial applications

controls – tunnel lighting

led cove, accent backlite wash fixtures

Orion manufactures and markets a cutting edge portfolio of products encompassing LED

extruded linear lighting

architectural control solutions

Innovative lighting technologies with creative linear solutions.

low voltage rail and track fixtures

unique italian design fixtures, and die-cast architectural wall, ceiling, pendant, and walkway fixtures

LED and Fluorescent performance linear and recessed fixtures

Italian downlights, track, pendant, surface & exterior lighting

Luminaires for the implementation of sophisticated interior lighting concepts for offices, hotels, hospitals, schools and trade

innovative european design (belgian) exterior high performance lighting fixtures

multi light LED emergency fixtures, hidden light source fixtures, central power systems

A leader in the development and application of LEDs, serving many commercial, industrial and high-tech industries.

solar path led lighting

sky lighting tubular daylight devices

architectural indirect lighting systems, bowls, sconces, unique industrials, lightruss rail systems

Based in Venice, Italy, Studio Italia Design develops custom-made creations on a continual basis that represent an ideal blend of quality, form, function and state-of-the-art technology.

led & t5 display backlighting solutions

Since its founding in Florence, Italy in 1972, Terzani S.R.L. has worked to meld traditional Italian craftsmanship with modern technology to create lighting that blurs the lines among art, luxury and design.

Tension Lighting System offering luminous signage and panels

led lighting fixtures (white & rgb) with intelligent controls

US Pole Company Inc continues to strive for quality through vertical integration, diversity of product, and manufacturing in the United States

precision downlights, adjustable and wallwash fixtures

Unique LED cylinders & Wall Mount

recessed downlights – incandescents,  fluorescents, LED, cylinders low & high bays

Spanish Design decorative pendant, ceiling, wall, table and floor lamps.

architectural wall, ceiling, pendant, table, and outdoor lighting. a large selection of quality decorative fixtures.

exterior landscape fixtures

contemporary interior decorative fixtures

led lamps and fixtures, cost effective

Voigt Lighting emphasizes energy conservation and aesthetic styling to meet all design challenges.

High quality technical products made in Germany

composite poles, decorative bases and fixtures

innovative luminaires designed in Europe and manufactured in north america providing best in class led and fluorescent linear, recessed, downlight and track lighting systems for use in office, retail, commercial, and educational applications.